Parks & Facilities

The Parks and Facilities Department oversees the public and operational needs of the parks and facilities of the Town of Silverton. This includes regular maintenance of Town buildings, parks landscaping and upkeep of public restrooms. Kendall Mountain Ski Area and Molas Lake Park, two of the Town’s greatest assets for winter and summer recreation, are managed and cared for by Parks and Facilities staff. This department also plays a key role in the development and execution of capital improvement projects both large and small as they relate to properties and structures owned by the Town of Silverton.


For more information about renting Town facilities, please visit the Facility Rentals page.


Special event organizers looking to host large public events should contact the Communications and Events Department for information about permitting, applications and procedures.


For questions about Molas Lake Campground visit the Molas Lake website or call 970-946-7038.


For questions about Kendall Mountain Ski Area visit Kendall Mountain website or email info@silverton.co.us.


For information about cemetery plots visit the Hillside Cemetery page.


Sarah Friden 

Facilities, Parks and Recreation Director

PO Box 250

1360 Greene Street

Silverton, CO 81433