Boards & Commissions

Town Trustees and Staff serve the community through a variety of different boards and commissions. Assignments are detailed below.


Board of Adjustments (Zoning)

Trustees: Shane Fuhrman, Tyler George (Alternate: Sallie Barney)


Cemetery Board

Staff: Todd Bove, Kelli Fries


COVID-19 Economic Recovery Team

Trustees: Jim Harper

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger *


Kendall Mountain Recreation Area Master Plan Committee

Trustees: Sallie Barney

Staff: *


Planning Commission & Historical Review Board

Trustees: Jim Harper, Jess Wegert

Staff: Lisa Adair


Region 9 

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger


San Juan Development Association

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger


Silverton Area Chamber of Commerce

Staff: *


Silverton Library Board

Trustees: Molly Barela

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger


Silverton San Juan County Ambulance Association

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger


Silverton Stakeholders

Staff:  Gloria Kaasch-Buerger *


Southwest Colorado Council of Governments

Staff: Gloria Kaasch-Buerger