Water, Sewer & Trash

Water & Sewer

The Town of Silverton provides water and sewer service to all property owners, as well as a solid-waste transfer station for property owners, tenants, and visitors. Water and sewer services are maintained by the Town’s Public Works Department, and the solid-waste transfer station is operated by Bruin Waste Management of Naturita. The Town of Silverton received a Utility Rate Study in 2017, and adjusted water and sewer rates based on recommendations in the study. Utility rates will continue to be reviewed every three years.

Fees for water, sewer, and transfer station services are combined into a single bill, which is mailed to property owners every two months. Payments are due within two months of the billing date. For example: service for January and February is billed and mailed at the end of February, and payment for that period is due at the end of April. The Town will only bill the property owner, and will not send utility bills to tenants.

Bi-monthly water and sewer fees are based on metered usage for the preceding two months. Regular fees are as follows:

Bi-Monthly FeesWaterSewer
Up to 10,000 gallons$95.49$75.65
Over 10,000 gallons, per gallon fee*$0.01$0.01

Residents are encouraged to allow their faucets to drip in the winter to avoid freezing pipes. An additional 3,000 gallons will be added to the minimum usage from November through April to accommodate dripping faucets. There is no longer a drip list.


Tap Fees & Investment Fees

The Town of Silverton requires tap and plant investment fees to be paid prior to new construction when necessary. Below is the cost by the size of the water pipe.Sewer pipe is a standard 4" pipe.


 Tap FeeInvestment Fee
3/4 " Water Tap$3,467.00$4,651.00
1" Water Tap$3,757.00$4,651.00
2" Water Tap$4,313.00$4,651.00

Payments & Delinquent Balances

Utilities payments may be made via check, payable to Town of Silverton. Customers may also request automatic credit card payment by setting it up through Xpress Bill Pay. (See Below)

Customers will be charged a 1.5% late penalty on delinquent balances with each bi-monthly bill. Every year in September, the Town Clerk will “certify” balances which are more than four months delinquent to the San Juan County Treasurer. These delinquent amounts will then be paid by San Juan County to the Town of Silverton, and the amount paid will represent a lien on the property in question.

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Q&A About Online Bill Pay

Q:  Does it cost anything to sign up for online bill payment?
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The Silverton Transfer Station is located north just outside of Town limits at 7826 County Road 2. Winter and Summer operation days and hours are listed below. Please visit our Transfer Station Operations Plan for full details. Please contact Town Hall for current rates.

Transfer Station fees are set at a single-family residence rate, with commercial accounts being charged at a multiple of that rate, depending on square footage, seating capacity, and other factors. Commercial billing begins at 1.5 times the single-family residence rate. Silverton property owners and their tenants are permitted to deposit ordinary household waste and recyclable items in any amount.

Silverton property owners or their hired contractors are permitted to deposit construction debris at the transfer station. Deposits will be recorded by the transfer station attendant, and will be forwarded to the Town of Silverton staff for inclusion in the property owner’s next bi-monthly bill.

Silverton property owners are permitted to deposit used tires at the transfer station. Deposits will be recorded by the transfer station attendant, and will be forwarded to the Town of Silverton staff for inclusion in the property owner’s next bi-monthly bill. 

Payments are not accepted at the transfer station.



Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am- 6pm

CLOSED for Federal Holidays


Single-Family Residence (Bi-monthly)$43.30
Construction Debris (per square-foot fee)$40.00
Tires (per-tire fee) STANDARD$7.00
Tires (per-tire fee) STANDARD with rim$10.00
Tires (per-tire fee) INDUSTRIAL$25.00
Tire (per-tire fee) INDUSTRIAL with rim$35.00