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OHV Petition

On October 18th, the Town of Silverton received a petition to establish a route for OHVs to operate within town limits. The Town Clerk found the petition to be sufficient, obtaining signatures from at least 5% of the registered electors in Town.

Currently, the petition is within the 40-day Protest Period, where citizens can file a protest against the sufficiency of the petition. If no protest is made, the Final Determination of Sufficiency will be made on November 28th, and the Board of Trustees will then have 20 days from that date to consider the petition.

The initiative is intended to propose an amendment to Section 8-3-30 and establishment of subsequent sections of the Silverton Municipal Code to address operation of Off-Highway Vehicles (hereby referred to as OHVs) on certain Town of Silverton streets.

Off-highway vehicles are defined in Sec. 8-3-10 of the Silverton Town Code as “any self-propelled vehicle which is designed to travel on wheels or tracks in contact with the ground, which is designed primarily for use off of the public highways, and which is generally, and commonly used to transport persons for recreational purposes.” Off-highway vehicles do not include vehicles designed and used primarily for travel on, over or in the water, snowmobiles. military vehicles; golf cars; vehicles designed and used to carry disabled persons; vehicles designed and used specifically for agricultural, logging or mining purposes; vehicles registered pursuant to Article 3 of Title 42, C.R.S.

The current Town of Silverton Municipal Code prohibits the use of OHVs on all Town of Silverton streets, alleys, and rights-of-way.

Proposed Initiative

Section 8-3-30 is hereby amended as follows:

In accordance with Section 33-14.5-108(1)(f) of Colorado Revised Statutes, the sections of the streets described in section 8-3-40 below are established as a route for Off Highway Vehicle operation within the Town of Silverton

Section 8-3-40 is hereby established as follows:

  1. The portions of streets designated as an Off-Highway Vehicle Route are as follows:
  • The portion of Greene Street from 7th Street to Town Limits connecting with County Road 2
  • The segments of County Road 2 and County Road 110 Silverton Bypass that cross into Town Limits
  • The portion of Blair from Greene Street to Town Limits connecting with County Road 2
  • The portion of Blair Street between 10th Street and 14th Street
  • The Portion of 7th Street from Reese Street to Mineral Street
  • The portion of Mineral Street and Cement Street from 5th, 6th, and 7th street to access RV parks contained within that loop.
  • The portion of 9th Street from Greene Street to Empire Street
  • The portion of 10th Street from Greene Street to Blair Street
  • The portion of 11th Street from Greene Street to Blair Street
  • The portion of 12th Street from Greene Street to Blair Street
  • The portion of 13th Street from Greene Street to Blair Street
  • The portion of 14th Street from Greene Street to Town Limits connecting with County Road 33
  1. No person shall operate an off-highway vehicle in the Town pursuant to this article, except along the designated route described above in Section 8-3-40(a).
  2. Town roads designated as OHV routes may be revised to expand for additional right-of-way access at the discretion of the Town Board of Trustees

A "Yes" Vote would allow OHV use on the route listed in the proposed initiative.

A "No" Vote would maintain the status quo, prohibiting OHV use on all streets, alleys, and rights of way within Town of Silverton limits.

To read Section 8 Article 3 – Off-Highway Vehicles (Sections 8-3-10 through Sections 8-3-30) of the Town of Silverton's municipal code, click the following link: https://bit.ly/TOSMunicode

2023 Proposed OHV Route

For all inquiries, please email info@silverton.co.us

Master Plan

The Town of Silverton Compass Master Plan has been approved and adopted by the Planning Commission on September 20th, 2022 and by the Board of Trustees on September 26th, 2022

Click HERE to view the Final Master Plan.




Updated as of 11.2.2022

  1. We anticipate duplexes being a for-sale product and wanted to confirm that you intend for this to be for-sale vs. for-rent.
    1. TOSH anticipates at least seven units will be for sale. TOSH may reserve up to three units for rent in order to meet community workforce needs at time of proposal selection.
  2. Does TOSH have a preference in terms of the mix of bedrooms? Does TOSH have a preference in terms of the number of bathrooms?
    1. TOSH expects submissions include one, two and three-bedroom options, but does not have a preference of how many of each is proposed. TOSH encourages those submitting a proposal include three-bedroom, two bathroom options.
  3. Are all duplexes to be two stories or a mix of one and two stories?
    1. TOSH will accept both one and two-story designs which conform to design preferences annotated in the Silverton Master Plan and complement current Anvi Mountain Subdivision homes. Proposing entities should present the designs which are complimentary to the Anvil Mountain Subdivision and congruent with the design preferences identified in the Silverton Master Plan.
  4. Does TOSH have a preference in terms of AMI, and does AMI factor into your evaluation of RFP submittals?
    1. At least five units will be available for those meeting the 80% AMI requirements. AMI does factor into evaluating submittals, however, TOSH will be working with the successful proposer to fulfill the requirements.
  5. Is there a requirement to have a certain number of ADA or universally accessible units?
    1. At least one proposed unit must be ADA or universally accessible.
  6. Generally, is the local Housing Authority willing to engage in a Special Limited Partnership with the developer, if determined by both parties to be of value?
    1. We do not have a Housing Authority in San Juan County. The Town of Silverton is the lead on this project and remains open to exploring partnership proposals which 1) are beneficial to providing affordable housing and bring value to the community, and 2) congruent with the Town of Silverton’s statutory authority and agreements with other agencies.
  7. Is there a local Community Land Trust or similar nonprofit organization who could be engaged to ensure permanent affordability of units?
    1. We do not have a Community Land Trust. However, the Town of Silverton will integrate conditions to ensure permanent affordability. The TOSH is considering different measures to protect affordability including but not limited to deed restrictions, shared equity programs and ground leases. Shared equity programs rely on loan documents which require owners to repay a share of appreciation. Under a deed restriction and covenant approach, homebuyers are required to resell for no more than an affordable price for a future lower-income homebuyer, which is determined by a shared equity resale formula. Similarly, a ground lease approach uses a formula to restrict resale prices to preserve affordability.

  1. Have you had the parcels in question appraised, and if not, do you have an estimate of their value?

    1. The parcels have not been appraised, however, a buildable site for a duplex where utilities are available would be at a minimum $120,000.00.

  1. Is TOSH providing a site plan, or are you wanting the developer to create their own site plan? If we are developing it, can TOSH provide a survey with metes and bounds, information on required setbacks, etc.?


    1. The site plan for consideration is provided on the website. Please see Anvil Mountain Setbacks and Anvil Mountain Lot Size documents. For clarification, these are current setbacks under the town code, however the proposal should be designed and presented based upon the RFP request with an option for adjustment.

  1. Beyond the sites themselves, is there a way for us to gauge how close the existing buildings and other buildings being constructed are? This will help us in ensuring that we can move the modules efficiently to the site.

    1. Proposers are encouraged to look at the site plan to determine any limitations which would impact delivery and placement of the units.

  1. Does TOSH have access to a crane and/or crane technicians?

    1. No, TOSH does not have access to a crane or crane technicians.

  1. Are there any known RECs related to Environmental or Geotechnical issues?

    1. The environmental issues on site were addressed with an environmental cleanup through the Brownfields Program. There are no known geotechnical issues.

  1. In terms of 3rd Party Reports, do you have a Survey, Environmental Phase I, Geotechnical, and / or Title Work reports that can be shared?

    1. All environmental issues on the site have been addressed. All applicable and available reports and documentation can be found on the website.

  1. Should garages be included in the site plan, and if not, is there a facility for residents to park in the greater Anvil Mountain development?

    1. Owners will be required to park on site, which should be considered in the proposed development.

  1. How will the roof drainage systems (downspouts) be connected to site drainage? Into a storm water system or direct discharge drainage onto the site?

    1. Based on elevation, terrain and weather conditions, TOSH doesn’t anticipate downspouts will be used in the design. In regard to storm water, it is anticipated the discharge will be on site.

  1. Will all pads/stem walls be ready at the same time? Or will they be completed over a few months from July through October?

    1. It is anticipated all foundations will be ready within forty-five days and no later than July 15th unless the project is delayed due to regulatory review, financial limitations or ongoing negotiations.

  1. Is there a preference between “traditional pad” vs “stem wall / crawlspace”?

    1. TOSH does not have a preference between traditional pad or stem wall foundations. While the proposal should clarify the foundation required, the cost of the foundation will not be considered in evaluating the proposal under the cost category.

  1. Our units meet the 45L Energy Star certified standard and we can provide an alternate to meet the 45L DOE Zero Energy Ready. Does this conform with TOSH’s desired energy efficiency and exceed local code?

    1. 45L Energy Star and 45L DOE Zero Energy Ready units conform to TOSH’s energy efficiency preference.

  1. Does the TOSH understand that in order to procure a manufacturing slot at a factory, a deposit must be provided? That deposit will assure you the next open slot which could be in 6 or 9 months. The slot provided after deposit may not meet the town’s schedule.

    1. TOSH is aware that manufacturing schedules require a timely deposit in order to assure the schedule presented in the RFP can be maintained. Due to complex factors and budgeting requirements, TOSH cannot commit to the deposit being provided by the critical date to maintain the schedule. TOSH expects the chosen proposer to work with the community and remain flexible in working with the building schedule based on anticipated and unanticipated developments. 

  1. The RFP states that the GC/Firm chosen will provide “the building and placement of modules.” Is the town providing all other aspects of the project, i.e., site, foundation, utilities, etc?

    1. TOSH will provide foundation, utilities, and landscaping.

  1. Is this a HUD project?

    1. This is not a HUD project.

  1. In reference to pg. 10 item 16 on the town of Silverton (TOS) RFP. In addition to the modular housing foundations, will the town also provide mudroom foundations and footings for front porches according to the plans provided by the proposing entity? 

    1. TOSH will be providing the foundations and footings according to the plans provided by the chosen proposal.

  1. Will the TOSH be using a specific firm to engineer foundations?

    1. TOSH cannot commit to an engineering firm for foundation work at this time due to procurement requirements.

  1. To clarify the scope of work, will the TOSH be making all sewer and tap connections? Will tap fees be the responsibility of the TOS as well? 

    1. The proposing entity will not be responsible for sewer and tap connections or fees.

  1. Has a staging area been identified for multiple building sections to place before the set day? Would it be possible to meet someone to review temporary placement? 

    1. TOSH has not identified a staging area but will work with the chosen entity to identify ideal area(s) for mobilizing and managing the placement of the units. The chosen entity can meet with Town of Silverton representatives to review temporary placement.


The Town of Silverton Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on November 28th at 7:00 p.m. to accept public comment on the 2023 Draft Budget.

The draft budget is available for public inspection at the Silverton Town Hall, https://townofsilverton.colorado.gov/finance, or via email upon request to gkaasch-buerger@silverton.co.us.

Any interested elector of the local government may file any objections to the proposed budget at any time prior to the final adoption of the budget by the governing body. Final adoption will be considered by the Board of Trustees at its Regular Board Meeting on December 12th at 7:00 p.m.

The Town of Silverton Trustee meetings are being conducted in a hybrid virtual/in-person format until further notice. Instructions for virtual and in person public participation in Town Trustee meetings are as follows:

Meetings & Events



Due to Covid-19, the Town of Silverton has adopted a Hybrid In-Person/Virtual format for all Meetings, hosted via Zoom webinar. Town of Silverton Trustee Meetings take place every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7 pm upstairs at Town Hall. Meetings are also live streamed via YouTube and noticed on the front door of Town Hall as well as other Social Media

Watch Trustee Meetings live or after the fact on the Town's YouTube channel.

Visit the Board of Trustees page for meeting information and agendas.

Visit the COVID-19 page for more information about how to attend Trustee meetings in-person.

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