Planning Department

The Planning Department is located in Town Hall and is responsible for the administration and updating of the Town’s Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. In addition, the Town adopted a Master Plan in 2010, and a primary responsibility of the Department is to implement the goals and objectives of this effort. The Department also is responsible for grant writing and administration for town-wide projects, and maintains the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS). Please see the Planning Application Fees page for a complete fee schedule. For further information please contact the department directly.

Town of Silverton Zoning Map

Pending Applications

Application Fees

Zone Change $250.00
Use Subject to Review $300.00
Weekly Rental USR $500.00
Variance  $500.00
BA Zone Site Plan $250.00
Flood Hazard Permit $300.00
Slope Hazard Permit $300.00
Avalanche Hazard Permit $300.00
Subdivision Sketch Plan $500.00
Subdivision Pre-Plan $840.00
Subdivision Final Plat * $840.00
Plat Variances $30.00
* each additional lot if subdivision is over 5 acres $125.00





Lisa Adair

Planning Director

PO Box 250 (U.S. Mail)

1360 Greene Street (FedEx/UPS)

Silverton, CO 81433

970-387-5522 ext. 7

970-946-9408 (direct)