Lodging Taxes & Fees

Lodging businesses (hotels, campgrounds, weekly rentals) are required to collect and remit both County Lodging Taxes and Town Lodging Fees

The lodging tax is levied by San Juan County, and is 2% of gross receipts. Remittance is made quarterly to the State of Colorado via form DR-1485. 

The lodging fee is levied by the Town of Silverton, and is $4 per night for vacation rentals, $2 per room per night, or $1 per campsite per night. Remittance is made monthly to the Town of Silverton via the Lodging Fee Remittance form. Lodging Tax fees are due on the 15th of each month to the Office of the Municipal Clerk at Silverton Town Hall 1360 Greene St. P.O. Box Silverton, CO 81433.  For more information call 970-387-5522