Special Events within the Town of Silverton

The Town of Silverton is proud to host a variety of Special Events that contribute to the social, economic and environmental health and well-being of our community. This Guide is an essential tool for Event Organizers navigating the permitting process to clarify permit deadlines and requirements.*

Please read through this guide prior to completing and submitting a Special Event Application. (Ordinance 2022-02)


When planning a first-time Event or making changes to an approved Event, please consider contacting the Town of Silverton before finalizing an event concept or application. A preliminary conversation with Town staff regarding the availability of a venue, proposed route or general technical assistance may save valuable time and provide useful guidance in the development of a special event concept.


*Additional Requirements (Not Listed) may be necessary due to event size and scope.



  • Special Events Permits are issued by the Town of Silverton to any person desiring to conduct an event such as a block party, parade, street fair, festival, outdoor concert, arts, and crafts show, carnival, fun run or walk, bike ride or race, foot race, or other outdoor event.

  • A Special Event Permit is required if an event is held on Town property or Town owned Public Right-of-way (sidewalk, streets, etc.).

  • A special Event Permit is NOT Required if the event:
    • Is held on Private Property and does not involve the closure of public rights-of-way.
    • Parades that involve 50 or fewer attendees.
    • Funeral Processions
    • Gatherings
      • A Gathering is an activity that is less than 75 people and does not obstruct the normal activities of town owned property.
    • Private Events (invite only)

  • Private events are events that do not impact the public right-of-way, held on private property, and are not publicly advertised (invite only).

  • Signed Special Event Permit Application and Indemnification Agreement

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Operational Plan

  • Facility User Applications

  • Banner Permit Application (if applicable)

  • Public Rights-Of-Way Closure Application

  • Special Event Liquor Permit Application

  • Vendor Permit Applications

  • Applicable Fees

    • $200.00 for events with attendees exceeding 100 people.

    • $100.00 for events with attendees not to exceed 100 people.

  • Proof of Public Notification of the Special Event


  • Changes to the approved Special Events Permits must be submitted 5 days before the start of the event. Any changes made to the approved Special Events Permit without authorization will result in the immediate revocation of the Special Event Permit and the event will forfeit all fees.

Special Events Forms and Applications 

  • A Special Events Permit Application can be submitted online by clicking HERE. and additional information can be obtained from the Communications and Events Manager, or at Town Hall, during regular business hours. 

    • Ana Mendiluce

Facilities and Events Coordinator

Town of Silverton


970-880-4082 (Direct)

970-387-5522 (Office)

    • Town Hall

1360 Greene ST.

Silverton, CO 81433

Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Special Events Forms and Applications

How much does it cost?

Fee Schedule


  • A Special Events Permit Application can be submitted up to one (1) year before the start date of the special event.
  • Special Events Permit Applications and supporting documentation are due no later than 45 (forty-five) days before the start date of the event.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Late submissions may be subject to denial.

  • General Liability Insurance Coverage for the duration of the event
    • $1,000,000.00 Each Occurrence
    • $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate
    • The Town of Silverton is to be listed as Additionally Insured.
  • The Town of Silverton offers the opportunity to apply for Special Event Insurance Coverage through CIRSA.
    • Additional information on CIRSA is available by request.

What is an Operational Plan?

An Operational Plan is an in-depth summary of the planned event that includes the following:

Medical Safety Plan

Approved by the Silverton EMS Director

Safety and Security Plan
  • The Event Organizer must provide a safe and secure environment for the event, staff, volunteers, participants, and spectators at all times. This is accomplished through planning and anticipating any potential problems or concerns related to the event activities and surrounding environment. In some cases, the hiring of police officers from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department, the use of private security, the use of staff/volunteer marshals, or a combination may be required by the Town of Silverton to obtain a Special Event Permit.

  • The San Juan County Sheriff’s Department determines the number of police officers, police vehicles and other personnel required based on the following, noting this list is not all-inclusive:

    • Expected attendance

    • Location of the event

    • Timeframe of the event

    • The presence of alcohol

    • History of the event

    • Nature of the event

    • Street and Right of Way closures

    • The amount of advertising used for an event

  • Role of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department: The San Juan County Sheriff’s Department may require department staff and police vehicles to be present at the event to supplement the security plan and to provide additional presence during the event. These sworn officers are onsite to enforce municipal ordinances and state laws. It is not the responsibility of police officers to provide the services that are the job of private security or staff/volunteer marshals.



For more information, please contact the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department at (970) 387-5531.

OEM Plan


  • For events that could cause potential harm to people or property, they are required to get approval from the Office of Emergency Management Director.

Fire Safety Plan


  • For events that plan on the use of flammable materials, pyrotechnics, they are required to get approval from the Silverton San Juan County Fire Association and the San Juan County Fire Marshall.

Site Plan / Route Maps


  • The site and/or route map is a visual representation of the event concept including all infrastructure and operational elements that are proposed in the application documents and should include any stationary elements as well as moving routes.

  • The final permit issued by the Town of Silverton will only be valid for the approved venue areas and event elements described in the approved site or route maps. Modifications to the initial application request may be required during the application review process and will be incorporated in the final permit. Altering the final permit may result in the immediate cancellation of the event, penalty fees, denial of future special event permit applications.


  • If the event wants to use a Town owned facility/park, a facility user application and appropriate fee must be submitted.
  • Town owned facilities/parks available for rental:
    • Memorial Park & Gazebo
    • Anesi Park
    • Kendall Mountain Community Center
  • A copy of the Facility Rental Applications can be found HERE.

  • The Town of Silverton offers events two locations to promote the event by hanging temporary promotional banners at:

    • Entrance to Town (Greene ST.)

    • Entrance to the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area (14th ST. Bridge)

  • Banner Permit Fees are $100.00 per location.

  • Banner installation must be scheduled with the Town of Silverton at the time of application submission.

  • A copy of the Banner Permit Fees and Regulations can be found HERE.

  • The Town of Silverton requires that all events that will impact the public right-of-way (sidewalk, streets, etc.) submit an application for review before final approval.
  • A route map, including signage, closures, crossings, detours must be included.
  • A copy of the Public Rights-Of-Way Closure Permit Fees can be found HERE.

What is a Special Events Permit?

Any event that intends to sell and/or serve alcohol where members of the public have access, are required to submit a Special Event Liquor Permit Application to the Town of Silverton. Events held on private property, that are open to the public, are required to apply for a Special Event Liquor Permit. B.Y.O.B (Bring-Your-Own-Bottle) is NOT permissible in the State of Colorado for public events. Private Events (Invite ONLY) are not required to submit a Special Event Liquor Permit Application.

  • Private Events are by Invite only and are not allowed to publicly advertise (including Social Media) their events.
How does an event apply for a Special Events Permit?


    • Only the following applicants are allowed to submit a Special Event Liquor Permit Application:
      • Non-Profit Organization
      • Political Candidate
      • Non-Profit Chartered Organization
      • Religious Institution
      • Local Government
    • Applicants are only allowed 15 (fifteen) days use per calendar year for a Special Events Liquor Permit.
    • Applicants must submit the following documentation with their application:
      •  Diagrams of the area to be licensed (must include the following):
        • Intended control (i.e.- fencing, barricades, etc.) of the area to be licensed.
        • Points of Ingress/Egress
        • Dimensions of area to be licensed.
      • Copy of a deed, lease, or written permission of the owner for use of the premises.
      • Certificate of good corporate standing (Non-Profit) issued by the Secretary of State within the last two years; or
      • If not incorporated, a Non-Profit Charter; or
      • If a Political Candidate, attach copies of reports and statements that were filed with the Secretary of State.
      • Appropriate Fee(s):
        • $25.00/per day – Malt, Vinous and Spirituous Liquor (Liquor)
        • $10.00/per day – Fermented Malt Beverage (Beer and Wine)
        • A copy of the Special Event Liquor Permit Fees can be found HERE.
    • Applications, supporting documentation and appropriate fees must be submitted to the Town of Silverton 10 days before the 1st Wednesday of the month for review by the Local Liquor Licensing Authority.
    • Applications can be found by clicking HERE.


  • Vendor Permits are issued to all individuals or businesses/organizations that plan to perform the following within incorporated Town limits:
    • Retail Food Sales
    • Retail Goods Sales
    • Services
  • Vendor Permit Fees:
    • $35.00/per day
    • $50.00/annually
  • Vendor Permit Applications are not required for 81433 businesses that already have a Town of Silverton Business License.
  • Vendor Permit Applications and appropriate fees must be submitted to the Town of Silverton before the start date of the event.

A copy of the Special Event Vendor Permit Application can be found HERE.

  • Events may change the normal flow of residential or business activities causing an inconvenience to the community. As part of the Event planning process, the Event Organizer must evaluate the potential impact of the Event on the surrounding neighborhood, routes, or environment. Event plans must include early notification and outreach, including mitigating measures that address potential impacts the Event may have on the surrounding area, venues, and routes.
  • The Event Organizer is required to notify residents and businesses that will be impacted by the Event. The Communications and Events Manager will pre-approve all notices, notification areas and the type of notification (mailers, flyers, signage, or a combination) required to obtain a Special Event Permit. The following are guidelines to assist in community outreach efforts (documentation of any public notices must be available upon request):
    Written Notification

    The Town of Silverton requires that event notices be pre-approved at least 45 days in advance of the Event start date. Approved Event Notices/Fliers must be posted, mailed or hand delivered no more than 45 days prior but not fewer than two (2) weeks prior to the Event to all entities directly impacted by the event and its associated activities or routes.The Town of Silverton will confirm specific requirements and notification areas after the initial application review. Event notices should include, but not be limited to, the venue(s), date(s), day(s), time(s), and types of activities taking place during the event. The notice must provide parking and detour or alternate route information if regular access is affected or impacted. The notice must also include a telephone number and email address for contacting the Event Organizer to address issues or concerns throughout the event time frame including set-up and dismantle.

    Advisory Signage

    If the event impacts a right of way, the Event Organizer must provide advisory signs that are placed a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Any signage in the public right of way must be placed by certified traffic control staff and based on an approved MHT (Method for Handling Traffic). All traffic signage must be removed from the public right of way and property within 24 hours after the event is complete.

    Marketing and Public Relations

    Events held on public right of ways must advertise in the Silverton Standard and the Miner newspaper and/or social media sites (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram) twice during the two weeks preceding the event. Documentation of any public announcements must be submitted to the Communications and Events Manager before the start of the event. Failure to submit the required proof of publication could result in the revocation of the Special Event Permit.


  • Event Organizers must ensure that the Special Event Application request has been approved and permitted by the Town of Silverton before promoting, marketing, or advertising the Event.
  • The Event Organizer must complete all application requirements entirely before the Town will issue a Special Event Permit.
  • Event Organizers advertising an Event or collecting registration fees prior to the issuance of an approved Special Event Permit do so at their own risk and cost.

  • Event Organizers are required to comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
  • All Event venues, structures and activities shall be accessible to persons with disabilities. If a portion of the event cannot be made accessible, an alternate area must be provided with the same activities that are in the inaccessible area.
  • This area must include signage indicating that it is an ADA accessible area. Consider the following access areas when creating the event: first aid, information center, parking, clear paths of travel (to and from, and inside the event), restrooms, seating, signage, drinking fountains, transportation, and access to vendors. If all areas are not accessible, directional signage or a map or program must be provided to attendees indicating the location of accessible restrooms, parking, drinking fountains, etc. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and all amendments to the act shall be the sole responsibility of the Event Organizer. The Event Organizer agrees to defend and hold the Town of Silverton harmless from any expense or liability arising from the event or organizer’s non-compliance.
  • For more information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and compliance at events, please visit www.ada.gov.

  • You can find a copy of the Special Events Fee Schedule HERE.

  • Applications for Facility Rentals, Insurance (CIRSA), Permits and Special Events Applications can be found HERE.